BioLargo’s® Advanced Oxidation



BioLargo® AOS Filter – Our featured AOS Filter system facilitates continuous and scalable water treatment with maximum efficiency using GRAS components to eliminate bacterial and chemical contaminants.  We remove hard-to-get contaminants and disinfect rapidly and completely, all for a lower operational cost than our competitors. The AOS also complements other water treatment technologies well, and can extend the life of filtration systems, lower corrosion and conserve chemistry.


Cupridyne®- formulated reagents can be delivered in capsules, tablets and powders, allowing for mixing in water, or by blending with other materials. CupriDyne® can also be mixed on site to be applied in small-scale applications such as sprays, coatings and washes.  It is inert until reacted and features GRAS reagents for safety and disinfection efficacy. It mixes well with various substrate materials for ease of use.


Cupridyne®- Stabilized- formulated reagents are pre-mixed and stabilized or by blending with other materials. CupriDyne® concentrate can also be mixed on site to be applied in small-scale applications and is highly effective at removing scale.


Isan™ System – Allows for real time, automated, precise iodine dosing to bodies of water, continuous flows of water, recirculating systems and water application systems including large scale industrial uses. The Mini Isan® can be rolled on site or mounted on the back of a utility vehicle for portable solutions.


Nature’s Best Solution® Liquid –  Free Iodine, stabilized, ready-to-use or concentrate solutions- stainless, colorless, with surfactants or without, with fragrance or without

UofABioLargo® AOS Filter led to BioLargo’s cofounding of an ongoing research chair to solve the contaminated water issues associated with the Canadian Oil Sands at the University of Alberta Department of Engineering with the top 5 oil companies in Canada, the regional water district, and various environmental agencies of the Canadian government.