BioLargo’s AOS Advantage
Fast – Complete – Cost Effective

  • Constant process performance

  • High level of disinfection and decontamination relative to electrical energy input
  • No disposal of concentrates or solids (compared with AC sorption or membrane filtration)

  • High level of performance regardless of turbidity or salinity

  • Extends the useful life of filtration technologies

  • Low Corrosion

  • Low Energy Requirements – High Efficiency

  • Less Chemistry Consumption

  • Scalable & Flexible Systems

  • Ease of Use

  • GRAS Chemistry

  • Simple and modular


Markets of Interest

  • Drinking water disinfection

  • Livestock production water

  • Meat processing wastewater

  • Oil & gas process water

  • Ballast tank water treatment

  • Municipal wastewater