BioLargo® Water Inc. develops water treatment solutions that solve some of the world’s most challenging problems that threaten our water.

BioLargo Water has assembled a team of water and technology experts to deliver solutions tailored to your water treatment needs.  We feature cutting-edge advanced oxidation systems that facilitate the in situ destruction of contaminants and the rapid elimination of harmful pathogens.  Our systems are ecofriendly and safe.

“BioLargo’s technology is an elegantly simple and sustainable solution to some of the world’s most pressing challenges.”
–Kenneth Reay Code, Inventor, BioLargo Technology

BioLargo Water, Inc. is a subsidiary of BioLargo, Inc., (Symbol: BLGO)

unnamedRichard Smith, PhD


BioLargo has appointed Richard Smith, PhD, to serve as CEO of BioLargo Water, Inc., a Canadian Corporation and a wholly owned subsidiary of BioLargo.  BioLargo Water, Inc. will manage the activities surrounding the pilot and the company’s Canadian operations. The company recently opened a new office and a laboratory on the University of Alberta Campus to facilitate continued collaboration with the University’s research teams on the AOS Filter pilot work. Dr. Smith will head the company’s newly opened office.

Dr. Smith received an MSc in Veterinary Microbiology and a PhD in Viral Immunopathology from the University of Saskatchewan and he completed a post­doctoral fellowship in the Department of Medical Microbiology and Immunology at the University of Alberta. Dr. Smith has over 15 years of experience in Industry working with several Biotech Companies in Alberta, including ChemBioMed, Alberta Reseach Council, AltaRex and VirRexx. In 2003, Dr. Smith joined the University of Alberta as Co­ordinator, Research Development & Industry Relations for the Department of Agricultural, Food and Nutritional Science (AFNS) where he assisted academics with research development and program funding. Dr. Smith was actively involved with the many facets of major grants, including NSERC, CRC and CFI applications.

code-2Kenneth R. Code

Chief Technology Officer

Kenneth R. Code holds the position of Chief Technology Officer of BioLargo, Inc. and its wholly owned subsidiary BioLargo Life Technologies, Inc. He is the Inventor of IOWC’s technology. He holds the following Patents and Publications CA 2191928 Absorbent Compositions, CA 2201825, CA 2278959, US 6146725, US 6328929, AU 9851139, India: 2247/CAL/97, PCT (International): WO 98/24486 His Accreditations include: Purchasing Management Association of Canada, Level IV, Council for the Accreditation of Pharmaceutical Reps, APMR, American Biological Safety Association, Advanced Disinfections, Canadian Blood Services, 75 Donations.

Research Scientists

Parastoo-PourrezaeiParastoo-Pourrezaei, PhD

Environmental Engineer

Parastoo Pourrezaei is a technology development specialist in water and wastewater treatment. During her PhD studies in environmental engineering at the University of Alberta, she focused on treatment technologies for oil sands process-affected water, assessing the viability of various physico-chemical remediation techniques in laboratory and larger industrial scale.

She went on to work at Canadian Natural (CNRL) technology development department as a process engineer (EIT). She was part of highly skilled team to help develop new technologies to be implemented in the oil sands giant’s major projects such as Horizon. She enjoyed tackling the main environmental challenges of the oil sands industry such as process water remediation, tailings and extraction processes.

She joined BioLargo in September 2015, bringing in with her 5+ years of research expertise on oil sands process water treatment and more than 2 years of experience in oil sands applied research and development technologies.

Her research goals at BioLargo Water include the investigation of the AOS reactor’s capabilities in the removal of organic constituents from contaminated waters and scale-up process.

Ahmed Moustafa, PhD


Dr. Moustafa was a Fulbright Scholar at Penn State University and held an Alberta Innovated Technology Futures Scholarship during his PhD at the University of Alberta. He brings a superb skillset to this task, drawing on a PhD in Environmental Engineering, a Master’s in Water Resources Engineering, as well as a Master’s in Environmental Engineering. His expertise in using the expanded graphite and treatment of soluble/insoluble hydrocarbons will allow BioLargo to transition and demonstrate the AOS technology’s capabilities for large-scale water treatment applications.

Dr. Moustafa will be spearheading the design of a scaled up AOS unit to validate performance at industrial scale.



Research Technologists

Cheng ZhangCheng Zhang

Cheng received his BSc from the University of Alberta, and has worked in the biotechnology field as an analytical chemist. Cheng brings with him expertise in chromatography, spectroscopy and other instruments which will be applied to creating methods for determining the efficacy of the AOS system for removing various contaminants.

Cheng is assisting with both disinfection and decontamination studies with the AOS reactor.

Research Interns

Myles JohnsonMyles Johnson

Myles Johnson is a fourth year Science undergraduate majoring in Biological Sciences at the University of Alberta. He was brought on as an undergraduate research intern with Biolargo Water to study application and development of their AOS technology. Myles is looking at optimizing operating parameters of the system to eliminate bacteria from contaminated source water. Myles’ career aspirations are rooted in the environmental sciences and he is pleased to have this opportunity to research a technology capable of sustainably bringing improved water quality to those that need it.

Alex EvansNatalia Mitura

Natalia Mitura is a fourth year student at the University of Alberta pursuing a B.Sc. with Chemistry Specialization degree. She hopes to use her acquired chemistry knowledge to do environmental work after the completion of her degree, and BioLargo has given her the opportunity to begin this endeavor through their decontamination projects. Both her parents are from Poland and through several family visits there, she has grown to really love travelling. When given some free time she also enjoys soccer, snowboarding, playing the piano, and drawing.

Recent Summer Students

Isabella TuIsabella Tu

Isabella Tu has completed her second year of studies towards a B.Sc. in Honors Neuroscience at the University of Alberta. She will be returning this year to begin her first year of medicine. Isabella has a second degree black belt in tae kwon do, and has recently begun taking classes in jiu jitsu. In her spare time, Isabella also enjoys playing piano, reading, and participating in a variety of student clubs on campus.

Maria Teresa Baclig

Maria Teresa Baclig is a vibrant young woman currently pursuing a Chemical Engineering degree with a Biomedical Specialization at the University of Calgary. She is very passionate about the sciences and engineering, and dreams of one day developing a drug, process or tool that could help people who are injured or disabled. She is involved in leadership positions within organizations that support the exposure of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) to youth, such as Science Expo and Engineers Without Borders. In her sparse free time, she likes to sing operas, dance around the laboratory, and watch Broadway shows from the second balcony.

Brad Webster

Brad Webster received a BSc in Food Science and Technology and is currently working on his MSc in Meat Science at the University of Alberta. His area of interest has been on food microbiology focused on Listeria monocytogenes. Brad has worked at BioLargo as part of an Undergraduate Research Project and as an Industrial NSERC summer student. Outside of academia and research Brad enjoys cooking both professionally and at home.